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SEIA holds ITAR Risk Workshop with former head of DDTC Licensing

SEIA held a very festive ITAR Risk Workshop with Anthony M. ("Tony") Dearth, former Director of Licensing and Chief of Staff for U.S. DDTC at our Munich office.

At SEIA GmbH we foster a collaborative community of trade compliance professionals passionate about innovation and utilizing technology to support the industry. Engaging with experienced professionals like Tony not only unlocks a wealth of knowledge in the ITAR space, but also opens a dynamic exchange of insights of strategies to tackle regulations that demand precision and foresight. Together we can build resilient frameworks that support sustainable success for our organizations. 

Our workshop dug deep into the core risks for companies subject to ITAR regulations, from operational issues like "license hopping", to how we can approach better oversight of provision of defense services.

To learn more about how you can set-up your internal ITAR compliance programs to better support the use of advanced data analytics for trade compliance risk management, reach out to us at or to Anthony M. ("Tony") Dearth


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