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SEIA for Export Controls

It's time for solutions designed for users and the strategic decision making demanded of modern trade compliance programs. 

Introducing our comprehensive Red Flag Monitor for Export Controls and Sanctions:

Empowering your business with the cutting-edge technology and expertise to ensure compliance, mitigate risks, and streamline international trade. In an ever-evolving global landscape, where export controls and sanctions regulations are becoming increasingly complex and stringent, staying ahead of compliance challenges is paramount. Our data analytics service is designed to cater to businesses of all sizes, from small compliance teams to multinational corporations, providing tailored solutions to suit your unique trade compliance needs.

At the core of our offering lies the power of advanced data analytics, enabling you to address the growing complexities of export controls and sanctions compliance. Leveraging state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms and advanced data mining techniques, our platform can swiftly process vast amounts of data, analyzing trade patterns, identifying suspicious risk indicators, and detecting potential compliance red flags. By helping you better utilise the data you already have in your company, our service delivers actionable insights, empowering you to make well-informed decisions in real-time while minimizing compliance risks.

Subject Matter Expertise

Our team of experts comprises seasoned professionals well-versed in international trade regulations, export controls, and sanctions policies, supported by top compliance professionals spanning numerous industries with both public and private sector backgrounds. This expertise serves as the foundation for our cutting-edge technology to push the industry forward in its capabilities to keep pace with the evolving regulatory landscape.

Root Cause Analysis

In addition to compliance monitoring, our data analytics service assists you in optimizing your supply chain and trade processes. By identifying bottlenecks and inefficiencies, we help you streamline operations, enhance performance, and capitalize on new growth opportunities. The result is a seamless integration of compliance and business objectives, paving the way for sustainable growth in the global market.

Strategic Customisation 

We understand that each business faces unique challenges, which is why our approach is tailored to meet your specific industry requirements and internal IT landscape. 

With our Red Flag Monitor for Export Controls and Sanctions, embrace the power of data-driven insights and compliance expertise, and elevate your trade compliance program to it's strategic potential.

SEIA is what we needed

VP Export Controls - DHL

I [was] fed up with looking at the same slides and templates. All they do is tell me what is currently happening. Where are trends, proactive risks, or anomalies?

Head of Export Controls & Customs - Siemens Healthineers

If we, for example, deliver dual use goods to a business partner in Turkey who is not the end customer, then I want to know it. And I want to know it in real-time. 

Former EMEA Export Controls Leader- Adient 

I want to see the risks that don't appear in my GTM system, what about the person that says "let's just call it something else" to avoid compliance. I want to see those risks. 

Do you need support?

To learn more about how SEIA can support your team in making compliance with export controls and sanctions good for business, please reach out to us for a call with an expert: 

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