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SEIA Consulting

Compliance does not start or end with tools, so together with our Partners we provide consulting services in the subject matter fields of Trade Compliance, Data Analytics, and Change Management to ensure our clients are sucessful in utilising the full strategic power of SEIA's Ditigitzed Risk Management Solutions.  


We are delighted to present our range of consulting services, tailored to cater to your organization's unique needs and challenges across 3 distinct service lines : 

Trade Compliance

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Data Analytics

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Change Management

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Our experts is equipped with extensive experience in each domain, enabling us to deliver tailored solutions that ensure your business thrives in a highly regulated and dynamic global landscape while continuously improving to address the challenges of tomorrow. 

Optimizing Trade Compliance with Data Analytics


For Consulting Inquires please reach out to:

Erika D. Trujillo


Frauenstrasse 32,

Munich, DE 80469

In the realm of Trade Compliance, we offer a holistic approach, providing comprehensive assessments of your current compliance program, identifying potential risks and inefficiencies, and developing robust strategies to streamline your international trade operations while mitigating compliance risks. Our expertise in regulatory frameworks and industry best practices ensures that your organization stays compliant and maintains a competitive edge in the market.

Harnessing the power of Data Analytics, we empower you to unlock the potential hidden within your data. By leveraging advanced analytics techniques, machine learning algorithms, and data mining, we provide actionable insights that drive data-informed decision-making. Our data analytics services enable you to optimize supply chain operations, enhance performance, and identify growth opportunities, while proactively identifying potential compliance red flags.

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We would love to hear from you and address your questions about SEIA's Consulting services.

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