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A first of it's kind Risk Cognition Solution that uses advanced data analytics to help you leverage the data you already have to gain a deeper understanding of your compliance risk exposure and the root cause drivers, so you can take a targeted approach to risk mitigation. 

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As more of our compliance processes become automated and the legal landscape is rushing to keep up with geopolitical changes, it is more important than ever that compliance departments have the tools necessary to achieve transparency of their business, gain a deeper understanding of areas of risk exposure (be they regulatory, internal processes, or third-parties), and have actionable insights to support business resilience. 

At SEIA we believe that meaningful compliance is achievable and good for business. Our solution takes a new approach beyond reports, basic data, or traditional risk assessments, that we call Risk Cognition™. This approach digitises the process of an experienced professional identifying red flags to identify risks and provide data-adjusted risk monitoring in real time.

Red Flag Detection:

SEIA utilizes advanced data analytics to identify transactional red flags within the data your company already has. By catching these issues early, businesses can mitigate risks and avoid costly compliance breaches.  It identifies hidden patterns, anomalies, and market trends that are frequently overlooked. These insights provide a deeper understanding of exposure and help compliance teams stay ahead of potential risks.                          

But do we really want to know what is in our data?  Learn more on our FAQs

Continuous Internal Monitoring:

Beyond the occasional samples or interviews, SEIA PERCEIVE iplements a real-time monitoring system to track changes in the threat landscape and gather intelligence about evolving risks. This allows organizations to stay ahead of potential disruptions and take proactive measures to mitigate them.                     

But what if we have bad master data quality?  Learn more on our FAQs

Root Cause Analysis: 

SEIA doesn't stop at surface-level data identification, we contextualise that data and analyze abstract root connections, to deliver both qualitative and quantitative insight into the core drivers of that risk. PERCEIVE unravels the underlying systemic issues that arise from process errors, IT misconnections, or third-party activity.  This in-depth analysis helps compliance teams pinpoint the exact sources of exposure.

But what do we do with the results, won't we be overwhelmed?  Learn more on our FAQs

Efficient Resource Allocation:

Armed with real-time insights and root cause analysis, compliance teams can allocate their efforts and resources strategically to have the biggest impact on exposure with the least amount of effort. This ensures that the most significant risk areas are addressed with a truly risk-based approach, saving both time and resources.

But what if we are switching to S4Hana  or making other system changes, should we wait?  Learn more on our FAQs

Transparency & Accountability: 

SEIA also promotes transparency by providing a clear view of compliance issues and the impact of mitigating measures. In the event that something does go wrong, businesses have a documented trail of compliance efforts as well as the impact of their trade compliance actions to resolve the issues for strong mitigating evidence.

A first of it's kind Risk Cognition™ Solution

Learn more about our technical approach to leveraging the data you already have to ensure you manage what you already know. 

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