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Making compliance good for business. 

Welcome to SEIA, a dynamic company based in Munich, Germany, with a global outlook. Founded by a group of former Deloitte consultants/lawyer, our team brings together a diverse range of expertise to drive innovation at the intersection of technology and regulatory compliance. Our origins lie in the real needs of businesses navigating the complexities of compliance and foreign trade regulations. It was through firsthand experiences as a trade compliance officer for a large multi-national company and a deep understanding of the challenges faced by organizations that the idea for our innovative solution was born. This idea was brought to life through the advanced technical expertise gained through consulting in process mining and data analytics projects. 


SEIA is located in the beautiful German city of Munich, and ready to serve customers globally.


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What's in a name?

SIEA LOGO NAVY 2_edited.png

In Roman mythology, SEIA protected crops from the time of sowing seeds to harvest. Our risk management system will serve as the guardian for your compliance program, helping your business grow and thrive in an ever changing legal environment. 

Defining Symbols

In many cultures, ancient and modern, the diamond has represented the seed. Each seed in our logo stands for one of our initial modules (Trade, Sustainability, and Ethics). Our risk management system links together these traditional silos for best in class compliance. 

The Colors of SEIA

SEIA's Deep Ocean Blue represents the unknown, from blind spots in data, to unforeseen risks waiting to be discovered.

SEIA's Autumn Sun, often represented through our "flare", stands for the light we shine into your compliance uncovering valuable insights through our advanced data analytics.

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