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Trade Compliance Tech

Marcus Brenscheidt on going from Insight to Action and leveraging data analytics forstrategic trade complaince risk management.

Andrey Ievstratov, Trade Compliance Tech Forum Hamburg - June 2024

Marcus Brenscheidt, SEIA Co-Founder and Director of Tech & Innovation

SEIA had the pleasure of sponsoring the annual Trade ComplianceTech Forum held in Hamburg, Germany. With a notable presence of industry professionals the event underscored the critical role of emerging technologies in maintaining compliance across diverse sectors like automotive, logistics, life sciences and food manufacturing.

A highlight of the forum was the deep dive into how giants like DHL are integrating AI to manage compliance across vast operations. Additionally, the discussion pivoted to revolutionary trends such as the use of video generative AI in corporate training and the pervasive role of AI platforms like ChatGPT in content creation. It's clear that leveraging these technologies is no longer optional but a strategic imperative to stay competitive.

Among the insightful presentations, SEIA's Marcus Brenscheidt, Director of Tech and Innovation, delivered a compelling talk on the power of gamification in enhancing engagement with compliance tools. Drawing inspiration from Silicon Valley, Marcus illustrated how integrating such interactive elements can transform the efficacy and perception of compliance programs. His presentation was not only a showcase of innovation but also a call to action for embedding these advancements into industry-specific compliance solutions.

As we reflect on the forum, it's evident that the pace of digital transformation in business processes is accelerating. Keeping pace with these advancements in trade compliance is essential. The increasing regulatory demands highlight the necessity for companies to either develop internal tools or leverage existing market solutions to maintain a competitive edge.

The insights and discussions from the forum have undoubtedly enriched our understanding and enthusiasm for the future of trade compliance.

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