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SEIA Summer School: US Export Controls & Sanctions

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

As temperatures and geopolitical tensions rise, join us for our annual Export Controls & Sanctions Refresher program, SEIA Summer School! This summer, we are covering 2023’s hot topic: U.S. Extraterritorial Export Controls and Sanctions.

The ever evolving regulatory landscape resulting from the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the strain between the west and Beijing have motivated a shift in the role of trade compliance from operational to strategic. The laws are changing rapidly with new sanctions packages being released within weeks. As a result it is not enough to simply know the law, but we must understand the philosophy underpinning trade compliance itself to ensure that resources are used efficiently while achieving effective compliance.

For these reasons, we are pleased to announce the launch of SEIA Summer School for Export Controls and Sanctions.

Who should attend? Trade compliance professionals tasked with the daunting challenge of ensuring that your organizations are fully compliant within today’s export controls and sanctions climate, regardless if this is your first day or if you are already a seasoned expert.

What is the format? This will be a live virtual half-day seminar, including the time for Q&A.

What will be covered? The program will consist of three key parts, each of which will provide a summary overview of the core regulatory concepts and structures, while also sharing insights into the legal culture and philosophy of law foundational to understanding US trade controls.

  1. US Extraterritorial Reach

  2. US Export Controls

  3. US Sanctions

Who is presenting? Our very own Managing Director and SME, Ms. Erika D. Trujillo.

Erika is a NY qualified lawyer and Co-founder & Managing Director at SEIA GmbH, a compliance technologies company delivering world class risk management solutions based on advanced data analytics. Prior to launching SEIA, Erika held a senior position with a Big Four Consulting and Law Firm, where she served as a trusted advisor for clients in the field of Foreign Trade Law, with a focus on multijurisdictional export controls and sanctions, and led initiatives in trade compliance tech. Erika was also previously the EMEA leader for Trade Controls for a global automotive supplier and worked as an international trade specialist at the U.S. Department of Commerce. Erika has been invited as an expert speaker around the world, including in Washington DC, Dubai, across Germany, Zurich, and London.

She has a Juris Doctorate focused on International and National Security law, and a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations with a focus on conflict and security. Erika is a Member in Good Standing of the New York Bar.

Learn more about Erika Trujillo

What if I cannot attend any of the sessions? Please reach out to us to inquire about private training sessions for your team.

What are the fees to attend?

Free for industry contacts.


Aug. 22, 2023 13:00-16.30 CET

For more information: Please contact us at


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