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SEIA's Managing Director Participates in Munich Security Conference 2023

PRESS RELEASE: SEIA GmbH, 18.02.2023, Munich Security Conference

Munich, Germany - SEIA is proud to have our Managing Director in attendance at the Munich Security Conference 2023, the most important informal conference on international security policy globally. The conference brought together experts, policymakers, and business leaders from around the world to discuss emerging security threats and to develop innovative and collaborative strategies to address them.

During the conference, SEIA's Managing Director, Erika Trujillo, attended the Innovation Night hosted by the Munich Security Conference in conjunction with the Bundeswehr Cyber Innovation Hub, focused on "Technology Defined Defense". This event is provides an uniquely open and collaborative format bringing together security policy and innovative startups.

"I am honored to have had the opportunity to participate in the Munich Security Conference 2023, and especially to hear the insights of speakers like Mykhailo Fedorov, the Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine", said Erika Trujillo. "Mr. Fedorov highlighted developments in digital infrastructure particularly related to cybersecurity and telecommunications that are proving critical for the security situation in Ukraine". Erika further mentioned that "additional ideas that really resonated with me were those of General Michael Vetter (German Federal Ministry of Defence), especially his comments on scaling at the speed of relevance, in the context of defense innovation". "I also appreciated his recognition that timing for procurement is critical when evaluating the ability of the government to leverage the innovative capabilities of startups".

Other key topics discussed during the conference included the need for improved cross-sector collaboration between the government and private industry, especially creative startups, to meet the demands of defence capabilities and the goal and role of interoperability between defense systems.

As a provider of Risk Management solutions that utilise advanced data analytics to deliver an innovative approach to risk identification, at SEIA we recognize the importance of staying informed and engaged on emerging issues especially related to global security threats. The conference provided an excellent platform for our representative to share expertise and collaborate with policy leaders, as well as other creative private industry leaders on topics of security policy.

"This is such a special event, as you have so many high-profile leaders in security policy actively engaged in real dialogue in close informal settings, and I have no doubt about the real-world positive impact this event has made on global security", stated Erika's regarding her take-away fromthe Munich Security Conference 2023.

Pictured Center: SEIA's Managing Director, Erika Trujillo along with a representative of the Bundeswehr Cyber Innovation Hub, Captain Matthias Lehna and Marius Wolter.


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