From the boardroom to the factory floor, the insights you want and the risk assurance you need.

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Our supporting dashboards provide you with the right insights for the right times, from Risk Based KPIs and business transparency for a leadership meeting, to real time risk indicators for plant specific instruction.


VP Export Controls - DHL

I [was] fed up with looking at the same slides and templates. All they do is tell me what is currently happening. Where are trends, proactive risks, or anomalies?

Head of Export Controls & Customs - Siemens Healthineers

If we, for example, deliver dual use goods to a business partner in Turkey who is not the end customer, then I want to know it. And I want to know it in real-time. 

Former EMEA Export Controls Leader- Adient 

I want to see the risks that don't appear in my GTM system, what about the person that says "let's just call it something else" to avoid compliance. I want to see those risks. 


At SEIA we don't start with what's possible, we start with what we need and work until we create new possibilities. Our vision is to fundamentally transform how compliance is performed through providing a state-of-the- art compliance risk management dashboard based on advanced data analytics. 

Where HI Meets AI

We seek to build systems that integrate human intelligence, experience, and the undefinable ability to say "that looks off", with state of the art machine learning.

Real Threat Detection

Beyond the data you normally see, our analytics seek to find the risk lurking in the your functional blindspots, to ensure end to end risk management. 

Beyond Data Quality

In the real-world uncertainty is to be expected, especially when it comes to data.  Our approach deals with identifying, mitigating and working around data quality issues.

Connect the Silos

For best in class defence the traditional Compliance silos need functional options to connect data and insights  without losing focus. Our solution links insights across  silos to enable true risk management.

Cost Savings

Transformation needs to be supported by a clear business case. Our advanced analytics can help reduce operative costs and risks. Our value can be measured in currency.

A Strategic Role 

With greater transparency, better insights and actionable information, Compliance can better serve in a strategic advisory role to the business. 

From our time in industry to listening to our export controls clients in consulting, we knew there must be a better way to support trade compliance professionals, while actually improving risk detection and management abilities. SEIA's analytics centers provide the solutions you asked for. 

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  • Real Time Red Flags tailored for Export Controls, Sanctions, & Customs risk detection

  • Transparency and  Assessment Tools for compliance risk management

  • Reporting Functionality for Internal and External Audits