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SEIA's Red Flag Monitor:
Where AI meets HI

We use advanced data analytics to identify abstract indicators of risk for real time risk assessments based on a foundation of red flag detection. 

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As more of our compliance processes become automated and the legal landscape is rushing to keep up with geopolitical changes, it is more important than ever that compliance departments have the tools necessary to achieve  transparency of their business, their functional compliance tools, and compliance red flags. 

Our solution delivers a new approach to digitised risk management that digitises (Artificial Intelligence) the process of an experienced professional (Human Intelligence) identifying red flags to identify risks and provide adjusted risk assessments based on actionable data-driven information. This allows for unparalleled insight into critical trends and risk-based KPIs.


In today's rapidly evolving global trade landscape, the need for comprehensive trade compliance solutions has never been more critical. SEIA offers game-changing solutions designed to empower businesses to not only identify transactional red flags but also revolutionize risk assessments by leveraging real-time insights often overlooked by traditional methods.


Key Features:

  1. Red Flag Detection: SEIA utilizes advanced data analytics to identify transactional red flags within the data your company already has. By catching these issues early, businesses can mitigate risks and avoid costly compliance breaches.  It identifies hidden patterns, anomalies, and market trends that are frequently overlooked. These insights provide a deeper understanding of exposure and help compliance teams stay ahead of potential risks.                                                                                                          - But do we really want to know what is in our data?  Learn more on our FAQs

  2. Real-Time Risk Assessment: What sets SEIA apart is its ability to perform real-time risk assessments based on existing data. Unlike traditional risk assessments that may rely on static data, unreliable and biased self-reporting questionnaires, or educated guesses, SEIA instead harnesses dynamic data streams to provide an accurate, current view of your risk exposure by translating data into usable information. This real-time approach enables compliance teams to proactively manage real risks as they emerge, even in places least expected.                                                                                                                                                     - But what if we have bad master data quality?  Learn more on our FAQs

  3. Root Cause Analysis: SEIA doesn't stop at surface-level identification. We offer robust support for root cause analysis, to unraveling the underlying systemic issues behind red flags and areas of risk exposure This in-depth analysis helps compliance teams pinpoint the exact sources of exposure and prioritize efforts for maximum impact.                                                                      - But what do we do with the results, won't we be overwhelmed?  Learn more on our FAQs

  4. Efficient Resource Allocation: Armed with real-time insights and root cause analysis, compliance teams can allocate their efforts and resources strategically to have the biggest impact on exposure with the least amount of effort. This ensures that the most significant risk areas are addressed with a truly risk-based approach, saving both time and resources.                           - But what if we are switching to S4Hana  or making other system changes, should we wait?  Learn more on our FAQs

  5. Transparency and Accountability: SEIA also promotes transparency by providing a clear view of compliance issues and the impact of mitigating measures. In the event that something does go wrong, businesses have a documented trail of compliance efforts as well as the impact of their trade compliance actions to resolve the issues for strong mitigating evidence. 

In a world where compliance and risk management are paramount, SEIA stands as a cutting-edge solution to transform your trade compliance efforts. Say goodbye to traditional approaches and welcome a new era of precision, efficiency, and accountability in trade compliance. Contact us today to learn more about how SEIA's Red Flag Monitor can revolutionize your business's risk management and compliance efforts.

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Digitised Compliance Risk Management 

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