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Our Solution:
Where AI meets HI

As more of our compliance processes become automated and the legal landscape is rushing to keep up with geopolitical changes, it is more important than ever that compliance departments have the tools necessary to achieve  transparency of their business, their functional compliance tools, and compliance red flags. 

Our solution delivers a new approach to digitised risk management that digitises (Artificial Intelligence) the process of an experienced professional (Human Intelligence) identifying red flags to identify risks and provide adjusted risk assessments based on actionable data-driven information. This allows for unparalleled insight into critical trends and risk-based KPIs. 


SEIA's Digitised Risk Management Platform is a managed solution based on advanced data analytics and our networked approach to risk intelligence, presented in a user-friendly dashboard. It allows the compliance professional to interact with business data, easily engage with transactional red flags identified by SEIA, investigate specific risks, perform on demand adjusted risk assessments, and monitor trends by location or risk category. 

Digitised Compliance Risk Management 

Risk Management.png


Evaluate if SEIA might work for you. Take our short quiz to determine if you could have the infrastructure necessary to start gaining insight and better managing risks. Even if you think what your set-up isn't enough, you might be surprised how much can be gained from even the most simple (or most complex) data landscapes. 


VP Export Controls - DHL

I [was] fed up with looking at the same slides and templates. All they do is tell me what is currently happening. Where are trends, proactive risks, or anomalies?

Head of Export Controls & Customs - Siemens Healthineers

If we, for example, deliver dual use goods to a business partner in Turkey who is not the end customer, then I want to know it. And I want to know it in real-time. 

Former EMEA Export Controls Leader- Adient 

I want to see the risks that don't appear in my GTM system, what about the person that says "let's just call it something else" to avoid compliance. I want to see those risks. 

From our time in industry to listening to our export controls clients in consulting, we knew there must be a better way to support trade compliance professionals, while actually improving risk detection and management abilities. SEIA's analytics centers provide the solutions you asked for. 

Image by Timelab Pro



  • Real Time Red Flags tailored for Export Controls, Sanctions, & Customs risk detection

  • Transparency and  Assessment Tools for compliance risk management

  • Reporting Functionality for Internal and External Audits 

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