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It Takes A Village...

We are not alone, and neither are our customers. We understand that effective and efficient compliance requires numerous moving parts working together, and SEIA we believe excellent customer service considers every step of your compliance journey. From seamless integration with your trade management systems and screening tools, to legal advice for understanding the implications of your red flags and processes, we have partnered with some of the best service providers  to ensure our customers can access the right partners for every step.

Law Firms

We work together with law firms covering the EU, UK, and US jurisdictions to ensure our clients have access to competent advisors knowledgeable about our solutions. 

Consulting Services

For change management and continuous improvement projects, or to support own own consulting services, we partner with experts to ensure our clients needs can be met at every stage,

Trade Tech

We operate in a vast ecosystem of trade compliance tech and work to collaborate with providers of trade management solutions and screening solutions to ensure our clients have strong trade compliance programs. 

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